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Karl has been stealing money from Tesanee. When he realises that she has uncovered his deceit, he flees. Tesanee’s son Ashley, furious about the betrayal, approaches a close friend of his late father, Alain, and asks him to find Karl and retrieve Tes’s money. Alain has nothing much to do and is happy to honour his dead friend’s memory by helping his wife. Alain and his brother set off together to track down Karl and confront him. Each time they close in, Karl manages to outsmart them and disappears.

A game of cat and mouse is set in play. Alain has no idea what he’s let himself in for.

A fantastic story, not to be missed.


You will not be disappointed

A story packed with misdirection and intrigue!

Don’t take anything you read at its face value, there are undercurrents, surprises and so much more in this thrilling story but all will be revealed in the end!

The story is an action packed, suspense filled thriller with well developed characters. Alain is the lead person in the story, endeavouring to retrieve the money stolen from his dead friend’s widow, Tesanee. He calls his brother in to help protect him – and he certainly needs protection!

Can they get Tes her money back?

What will they discover on the way?

If you enjoy well paced thrillers, a real page-turner, involving following clues, plenty of surprises, some violent attacks and a huge twist, you’ll love this story!